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AGE		b. 2 November 1962, 5 Cheshvan 5723
HEIGHT		5'8"
WEIGHT	 	160 lbs
EYES 		hazel behind glasses
HAIR 		auburn?, "van dyke"
RACE 		pale
ETHNICITY 	Romanian (Baie Mare)/Hungarian (Ungvar, now Uzhgorod)
RELIGION 	Jewish atheist, raised Reform
AKA		Menahem (Mendel); Rashid
POLITICS	left of center
STATUS 		in a relationship
SEXUALITY 	gay/queer; *
BEAR 1.9.1: 	B 2/3 f- t- w- g(+) k(+/-) s(+) e r-
GEEK 1.0.1: 	GU d-(---) p- c+(++) l? u e- m+ s-/- n-(---) f g* w(-) t+ r y+
TWINK 1.12: 	T6 C4 L2(s) h+ d-(--) a-(--) w- c- e (t2,6) k s(+)
PEARCE:	 	a3 b3/4!3 c4!4 d4 e5 g f0 g7 h4s H245!4 i6+ k4 m4 p(4*6) q4
	     	r(3*4) s9. t4 w2/3 xaj
YIDDISHKEIT:	S- SC- Fa.n/a Ng--- M- K-/- H+++ Yid+ Lad- Ara- tI AT/+ -/SY P-
		 FO/-,s,m,hh D&D+ Tz E++ L/- Am I/+ Ha/0 hc FH IPL++
EMPLOYMENT	library assistant, Bastyr University, Seattle
INTERESTS	politics, languages, travel, Israel, science fiction,
		tv, media, film, hockey, theatre, the Web, Israeli music,
LOCATION	Seattle WA USA; arrived 6 Sept 1990
EDUCATION	BA in Linguistics,  University of Pennsylvania, 1984;
		one-year program, Hebrew University, Jerusalem, 1986/7; two
		intensive summer language programs (Spanish, Arabic) at
		Middlebury College in Vermont
LANGUAGES	Hebrew, Arabic, Spanish: competent
		French, Amer. Sign Language: passable
		Yiddish, Korean: poor
		Mandarin Chinese: in progress
		German: enough to get by



  • I was the Steering Committee of SEAMEC (from 1997 to 2007), which is a volunteer organization which issues non-partisan ratings of candidates for office in Seattle, King County and Washington State in regards to their views on issues of concern to the gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender communities.
  • I was Treasurer of Bigot Busters: "Democracy in Action": we provide voter education "at the point of sale," where signatures are being gathered for anti-gay citizens initiatives 166 and 167 in Washington State; this is called "counter-petitioning" and proved instrumental in the defeat of I-608 and I-610 in 1994.


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